BuilderSelector helps you manoeuvre through all the renovation process by helping you make the best informed decision, saving you time, money and frustrationmade EASY !

  • BuilderSelector will provide you with the services of high quality designers or architects if you have no design plans – and you will own the plans!
  • BuilderSelector will help you organise all Development Approvals to streamline the building process and remove any unnecessary delay.
  • BuilderSelector will provide you with up to 3 Free Comparable Detailed Quotes based on the same Scope Of Work, telling you exactly what is “Included” and what is “Not Included”. You are then in a position to compare apples with apples!
  • BuilderSelector only quotes from high quality builders who all have been qualified to be part of the BuilderSelector Network with references and projects to verify quality and service.
  • BuilderSelector will prepare the contract for you and assist you with understanding the terms and conditions of it.